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Covid Cancellation Policy 

Following the change in Government legislation, our previous Covid policy has been updated to our standard Booking Terms .

As with all bookings we recommend taking out holiday insurance to cover you for any eventuality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help at all.

Hot Tub Care

Our standard Hot Tub procedure is that every hot tub is emptied, cleaned and refilled after every change of guest. All the hot tubs are regularly checked to ensure chlorine levels are kept to the safety standard and water quality is maintained. We use an independent Hot-Tub Management company who have advised that our current procedure will continue to be safe for all guests.

Hot Tub Disclaimer Form

As the Hot Tub has been included in your rental, we ask all guests to please read and agree to this disclaimer.

This is an industry-standard form that we use to ensure all guests understand and abide by the rules that have been put in place for their, and other guests’ safety. Failure to comply with these measures listed within this disclaimer form vindicates Devon Holidays, or its parent company, South Devonshire Holidays Ltd, of any claim.