St. Catherine’s Chapel, Exeter

13.5 miles away – EX4 7JJ

This fascinating historic site on Catherine Street boasts the remains of a 15th-century alms-house, a 13th-century canonry, a 4th-century Roman dwelling and a 1st-century Roman watchtower. The most obvious remains belong to the alms-house, built in 1458 by Canon John Stevens of Exeter Cathedral. Canon Stevens intended his alms-houses to provide accommodation for 13 men ‘of good character’ and he gave an annuity of 17s 4d to maintain the property. Preference was given to men connected to the Cathedral or one of its canons. In the 17th and 18th century the alms-house regulations were relaxed to permit married couples, then tightened again to allow only widows or single women.

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